Tradeshow Roundup: Cascade's Highlights from Modex and LogiMAT 2024

Posted by on 05/15/2024

Cascade Corporation, a global leader in forklift and AGV attachments, accessories, and masts, recently showcased its latest innovations at two premier industry events: Modex in Atlanta, Georgia, and LogiMAT in Stuttgart, Germany. With approximately 150,000 visitors combined, these shows were a great opportunity to discuss logistics solutions and get the word out about Cascade’s diverse material handling offerings.

Committed to streamlining automation and reducing product damage, Cascade presented a range of cutting-edge products designed to improve your bottom line and meet the evolving needs of the material handling industry.

Here are the highlights:

Mobile Weighing and Smart Solutions

Cascade ActivWeigh™ Mobile Weighing Solution

The ActivWeigh/Lift-Tek Mast combination is perfect for reaching peak efficiency in mobile weighing applications.Cascade ActivWeigh™ with Lift-Tek Mast

Cascade ActivWeigh™ integrates a "Weigh-In-Motion" function with sideshifting and fork positioning functionality, providing accurate weight data for smoother operations. ActivWeigh also works with most Cascade attachments, like a Push/Pull, Single-Double, or Carton Clamp.

Bundling ActivWeigh with a Cascade attachment means no stopping to obtain load weights. Plus, bundled with a mast from Cascade subsidiary Lift-Tek, you get streamlined, one-stop support to keep operations running.


Cascade ActivWeigh™ with Carton Clamps


Cascade ActivWeigh™ with Carton Clamps

“The ActivWeigh Hang-on with Carton Clamp on the Bobcat Truck was a big hit at Modex,” Justin Ervin, Corporate Manager of Strategic Accounts at Cascade, says.
“There’s so much adaptability. An e-commerce company liked the idea of weighing on the go using our Talon Pads for better clamping grip and a T1 steel wear strip for durability.”


Single-Double with Auxiliary Camera and DAGS

MLH with D-Bumpers (L) and DAGS (R) at MODEX 2024

MLH with D-Bumpers (L) and DAGS (R) at MODEX 2024

Pairing an auxiliary camera with an attachment like an MLH (Multiple Load or Single-Double Pallet Handler) offers several benefits. It provides operators with additional visibility, particularly in blind spots, improves efficiency (as operators can maneuver the forklift and attachment more accurately and quickly), and helps prevent damage by allowing operators to monitor the positioning of the forks and the load more effectively, minimizing accidental impacts with obstacles.

DAGS—Magnetic Fork Covers—are a slip-resistant cover for forks. Complemented by a camera kit, DAGS protects products while doubling output with dual forks. D-Bumpers (pictured above on the left two forks) protect against product and pallet damage while preventing any materials from coming into direct contact with the forks while being moved.

Weigh Forks Plus: Weigh Forks with Embedded Camera

Equipped with an embedded camera, Weigh Forks offer enhanced visibility for operators, reducing the risk of fork punctures and product damage in challenging environments.

"Two functions—high-visibility and weighing—make it perfect for warehouses,” Hansjörg Freund, Regional Sales Manager - Europe, says. “[Weigh Forks Plus with an auxiliary camera] is perfect for narrow-aisle warehouses and other challenging environments where costs from product damage are high."

All-Electric Attachments from Cascade Electrix™

“Customers were excited about predictive maintenance with our electric attachments,” Ervin says. “Electrix™ attachments limit downtime, so that’s built-in productivity savings.”

Cascade Electric Multiple Load Handler (MLH) for Forklifts and AGVs

Paired with Cascade's E-Multiple Load Handler, Lift-Tek's Mast enhances lifting speeds and durability in warehouse applications, increasing productivity. Our electric attachments are pairable with both hydraulic and all-electric masts for more efficiency gains.

"Our E-MLH and Lift-Tek Mast is a nice, unified solution,” Keith Miller, Director of Sales – Americas, says. “Customers get the performance and support they need from one place. It gives you confidence and security in your everyday handling.”



Cascade Electric Sideshifting Fork Positioner

Electric Sideshifting Fork Positioner

Cascade also exhibited its Electric Fork Positioner and Electric Sideshifter, offering efficient solutions for various material handling tasks.

"Attendees at our booth were very excited about the nearly infinite control of the fork locations via CANopen Communication from the electric actuators,” says Darin Sullivan, OEM Account Representative at Cascade. “Plus, the minimal amount of electric energy required to operate these attachments saves AGV battery life.”


Driving Innovation Forward

As we bid farewell to another exciting year of Modex and LogiMAT, Cascade remains committed to pushing the boundaries of material handling innovation. With a focus on enhancing productivity and reducing product damage, Cascade is your partner for more efficient handling.