New Year, New Innovations for the Front End of Your Forklift or AGV

Posted by on 01/20/2023

At Cascade Corporation, we know the forks and attachments used to handle your loads are essential to keeping your material handling operations running smoothly. That’s why selecting products that integrate seamlessly with each other (and your workflow) can be a time-consuming and difficult task.

Over a year ago, Cascade acquired Lift-Tek, a major global manufacturer of masts, allowing us to offer OEM and AGV customers specialized bundle solutions. Since then, we’ve heard a lot from customers who are more closely considering load engagement and how the components that comprise the front end of their forklift or AGV—masts plus attachments or forks—operate together and whether a specialized, integrated package might be necessary.

Luckily, load engagement is our specialty, and our solutions can help prevent damage to your equipment and materials. In the next section, we’ll explore five reasons why purchasing a complete front-end package could be the ultimate solution for getting the most out of your equipment.

Five Benefits of Purchasing a Mast & Attachment Combination from One Company

  1. Easy Access to Custom Front-End Solutions: Bundling custom products means peak efficiency and flexibility. For those customers that require a more specialized, integrated solution, Cascade and Lift-Tek can provide that at the time of purchase, unlike any other attachment or fork suppliers in the industry. For example, if maximizing warehouse space is your top priority, a Cascade Trilateral Head attachment enables your forks to turn left or right 90º, which gives trucks the ability to precisely manipulate the load to either side of an aisle, allowing for easier navigation in Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) applications. When paired with a special 3-stage mast from Lift-Tek that allows for up to a 12-meter (39-foot) lift height, you have the perfect solution for maximizing your warehouse space.

  2. Seamless Integration of Products: When you’re in need of a special front-end solution using a mast and attachment specifically designed to work together ensures optimal performance. It also makes for a faster installation process while reducing (or eliminating) the likelihood of compatibility issues. If your front end is built specifically for the job at hand, you can avoid downtime and expensive modifications in the future.

  3. One Stop Shop for Customer Support: If you need customer support or service for a bundled attachment and mast, you only need to call one company. With 32 locations around the world, a company like Cascade can offer comprehensive support and assistance backed by detailed knowledge of both products and reliable local support.

  4. Design and Engineering Synergy: A customized front-end package from a company you trust means mast, attachment, and/or forks are integrated together from the initial design, per the customer’s special needs and requirements. Our teams work to streamline the entire front-end design to minimize weight and effective thickness while maximizing operational efficiencies. Simplified maintenance and service for the entire front-end package, designed with a common methodology, is an added bonus for technicians working in the field.

  5. Energy EfficiencyThe world is going electric, and investing in an all-electric mast and attachment combination for your AGV is a great way to save on energy costs while eliminating hydraulic components and, with them, the higher total cost of ownership plus the potential for hydraulic leaks.

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Can’t Build it Yourself? Cascade and Lift-Tek Can Help!

Overall, bundling a forklift or AGV attachment and mast from Cascade and Cascade subsidiary Lift-Tek ensures you have the perfect combined toolset to stay productive and innovate for the future.  

With 80 years of material handling excellence, we’ve got the materials, people, and glocal support to provide unmatched solutions for your business. Why not bundle your front-end products and invest in the future today?

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