Keep your Supply Chain Fluid with Cascade Solutions for the Beverage Industry

Posted by on 03/17/2023

With the rise of e-commerce and countless other post-pandemic factors changing the way consumers think about beverages—from health and functionality to novelty and specialty preferences—the beverage industry, like other industries, is undergoing a period of adjustment. Of course, not only are consumers’ tastes changing, order fulfillment and accuracy requirements are higher than ever, meaning beverage businesses need innovative warehousing and distribution solutions to stay competitive and grow their revenue.

Fortunately, with nearly limitless productivity-enhancing options with attachments, forks, masts, and related technologies for forklifts and AGVs, Cascade offers the beverage industry a variety of materials handling solutions to lower operational costs and meet demand.

Don't Settle for Less than Cascade Quality

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from nearly 80 years of materials handling experience, it’s how to manufacture solutions that our customers can rely on. That means staying on top of industry trends, performing extensive research and development, and taking unparalleled quality assurance measures. In other words, we don’t follow the market; we lead it. With Cascade, you can move your beverages with speed and confidence, knowing you have a global partner with a reputation for high-quality products that stand the test of time.

Time-Tested Beverage-Movers

  1. Layer Picker

Building a mixed pallet of beverages for distribution? You won’t believe how easily Cascade Layer Pickers can speed up the process. This unit can handle up to 2,000 cases per hour (compared to 250 cases with manual labor) of single or multiple-layered canned or bottled products. Our Layer Picker is a dependable and cost-effective way to streamline the speed of pallet production and reduce the physical labor involved.

  1. Multiple Load Handler (MLH)

As its name suggests, the Multiple Load Handler is productivity personified. With models for handling one or two pallets at a time, up to eight pallets with each load, Cascade has Fixed Spread (FDS) units for picking one of two pallet types and Variable Set Spread (VDS) models for picking up multiple pallet types. Cascade also offers the optional productivity-enhancing RapidSync™ technology for both FDS and VDS models, which decreases cycle times and makes the unit up to 45% faster compared to competitive units.

  1. Palletless Handling

Looking for ways to cut costs while managing a diverse inventory? Switch from pallets to inexpensive slipsheets and utilize one of our Push/Pull models. Whether you’re looking for dedicated slipsheet models, versatile slipsheet and pallet handling models like Carton Clamps, or enhanced Forks+ solutions, like Rollerforks®, we have the tools to help you manage costs when moving beverage loads.

Custom Beverage Attachments

For the best of all worlds, custom products from Cascade are the optimal solution for your beverage-handling needs. A custom attachment is not only specifically designed for your operation today, but built to scale with your business tomorrow.

View some of our custom beverage attachments below, and reach out to our sales team to explore opportunities.

Multiple Load Handler for AGVs

Designed to efficiently move palletized beer kegs through a warehouse, this Multiple Load Handler attachment allows AGVs to effectively double their throughput.

To cut costs even more, Cascade also offers all-electric attachments from our Cascade Electrix™ product line which provide revolutionary energy efficiency for your AGV. Complemented with an all-electric mast from Cascade subsidiary Lift-Tek, you can have an all-electric front-end solution that requires no hydraulic components. That’s next level AGV efficiency.

Wine Barrel Handler

From a Double Wine Barrel Handler to expedite moving empty barrels to trilateral Wine Barrel handling options with a 180° swivel for narrow aisles, a customized Wine Barrel Handler optimizes your workflow for faster retrieval and decreased labor.

Keg Handler

We all know how clunky and awkward kegs can be, and securing them while maximizing forklift trips is essential. With our hydraulic Keg Handler, you can securely move up to eighteen full kegs (or 36 empty kegs) at once, depending on the model.

Load Stabilizer

Secure unstable beverage loads, reduce product damage and increase operating speeds using our Load Stabilizer. With customizable pad sizes, arm configurations, and backrest styles available, a Cascade Load Stabilizer meets all the challenges of modern beverage moving.

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